Hello, and welcome!

This is a new area of our website we are developing.   We will be sharing more information about our chairs and how they relate to different aspects of the seating industry, including the rental business, weddings and receptions, the banquet industry, churches, schools,  general business, major event/concert seating, and anything else people sit down for!

Also we welcome comments from our many customers and others in these industries and hope to learn a few things ourselves!  Earlier this year I asked our warehouse manager how a trade show went that he was a part of, and he said that at this one we didn’t get a lot of new customers quickly like at some of the shows.  But he considered it just as valuable due to what he learned from the experienced professional banquet and rental business owners at the show.  Things about maintenance and chair/table design that we just might not become aware about otherwise.

So please share if you have the time, and we’ll do our best to include the kind of information you find valuable in some way or another!  Perhaps even entertaining!

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